A Stylish Medical Alert to Keep Mom Safe, Independent & Fashionable

Lively Mobile Bedazzled

By Lively

The Great Debate – Talking to Your Parents About a Safety Device

Many moons ago, your parents probably sat down and had “The Talk” with you. But if your parents are getting up there in age, it may be time to have “The Talk” with them. Luckily, it’s not that talk, although it may be met with similar disdain and awkwardness. This talk is about a personal emergency response system or service – especially if one or both parents lives alone. And when something like a medical alert device is brought up, albeit carefully, it can get shot down quickly. Your parents might find it difficult to accept something like a medical alert device being a consideration, or perhaps even necessary.

Some feel that such devices are clinical, conspicuous signs that scream, “I am feeble,” despite the long list of benefits that actually promote activity and independence. Luckily, a well-known family found a great way to fight this unfortunate stigma.

An Innovative Solution, a Stylish Medical Alert

Recently, on Hallmark Channel’s Meet the Peetes, Holly Robinson Peete and family were concerned about Holly’s high-energy 82-year-old mother, Dolores, living alone in Palm Springs. She had fallen in the pool, and, although she hadn’t hurt herself, the family was worried about the future. The family had brought up a medical alert device with Dolores before, but she rejected the idea, and especially did not care for the look of the device.

Holly came through with a brilliant idea. She worked with her friend Terry Lynn Ellis (of En Vogue fame) to turn the medical alert device (GreatCall’s Lively Mobile) into a truly special gift for her mother. They used rhinestones to give the device a full “bling” makeover, resulting in a smashing success! Dolores now wears her Lively Mobile with pride, and Holly and family have the peace of mind that she can get help quickly if she needs it.

How to Bling and Bedazzle a Medical Alert Device

Adding a personal touch to a medical alert device can be just the thing to show the recipient that you care about their safety… and their style! Fortunately, you can create such a look affordably, using materials easily found in craft stores. There’s no need for a fancy applicator – you can use a simple strong adhesive like super glue, Liquid Nails, Gem Tac, etc., or even a hot glue gun. Just coat the back of a rhinestone with the adhesive, and then use tweezers to carefully apply to the device.

If you don’t want to apply stones directly to the device, consider purchasing a case for the device, and adhere the stones to that instead. Perhaps add a few statement pieces using jewelry and other flair, such as brooches, cabochons, resin roses, or other scrapbooking embellishments. Glitter (using decoupage glue) is always an option! For “bling” materials, consider Michael’s, fabric stores, and even mainstays like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Check out these step-by-step instructions from WikiHow to get started.

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