How Grandparents and Grandchildren Stay in Touch

Young girl talks about what she loves about her grandparent.

Grandparents Day Should be Every Day

Although National Grandparents Day is officially the first Sunday after Labor Day, we at GreatCall hope that grandparents and grandchildren grandkids can get in touch every day! We understand the importance of children connecting with their grandparents and making the most of the wealth of advice and knowledge that older generations offer. Today, the 7,000,000 grandparents in the U.S., who are an average age of 48 years old, enjoy several activities including: exercising, using social networking sites, and talking to their grandchildren on a cell phone.

What Grandkids Love About Their Grandparents

We recently asked a group of amazing grandkids to tell us what they love about their grandparents, how they spend their time together, and most importantly, how they stay in touch. It’s no surprise that for the younger generations, texting and video chatting is the preferred method to reach out. Luckily, our easy-to-use Jitterbug cell phones have the right features to help grandparents and grandchildren stay connected with the younger generation. Take a moment to watch our interviewed grandkids share their favorite things about their beloved grandparents, whether they are called “Grammy,” “Nana,” or “G-Daddy!”

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